RubyAnne Designs is a company with the simple goal of designing and building sustainable,well constructed homes to everyone, with an emphasis on architectural detail and superior communication with our clients.

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Why RubyAnne?

This is a question that is often asked. Before having three children of our own, my wife and I daydreamed about having a daughter named RubyAnne...

2008 hit, the starting of my own business, and the need for a name of this new venture. It became RubyAnne Designs, as if this child of ours was dreaming up all of these beautiful homes. It stuck, and my wife and I ended up having three children after the business was off the ground...

Needless to say neither one of them are named RubyAnne! 


We think working closely with our clients produces the best results for everyone involved with our projects. As a local company we are able focus on a small scale of production, giving each home the necessary attention to create the best possible product.

We champion the availability of amazing technologies both new and old. We truly gravitate to the merging of traditional craftsmanship with today's latest resources.

It is our promise to maximize this quality of living for each of our clients in building homes that leave the faintest carbon footprint while remaining aesthetically bold and timeless. 

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We would be proud to represent your desires and needs in both design and construction, or work with an architect of your choosing. Our goals are to make your home yours and provide a seamless and well remembered experience of creating the home you want to live in forever!

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"Spacious, efficient and modern, while retaining the beautiful features that existed in the original interior..."



“The existing Brazilian hardwood floors and beautifully detailed stairs and landings provided inspiration for unique and intricately crafted millwork throughout this home.”